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Building free & open source software for a free & open society

since 2007 Open source developer and Eclipse contributor

Most recently contributed to jsonld-java, Equinox p2, and JDT. Previous include GEF, EGit, Scala IDE. Participated in Google Summer of Code as student and mentor. Community activity in forums, on German Wikipedia, Twitter, and Stack Overflow. Writing a technical blog since 2004.

since 2012 Software developer at Hochschulbibliothekszentrum NRW

Our team has a blog. Recent slides: what we do, our development process, and our usage of JSON-LD (at hbz, in German, 2016-2017). Workshop on open source and GitHub with Adrian Pohl, spoke about web APIs for library data with Pascal Christoph (at SWIB 2015, 2016).

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Most recent scribblings on programming

2017-12-30  Java annotation processing in Eclipse

Java annotations provide metadata for Java code. Many developers use annotations provided by standard Java APIs (like @Override) or by frame [...]

2017-11-12  Micropub, IndieAuth, and posting to my own site with Micro.blog

Been learning about Micropub and IndieAuth while setting up my Micro.blog. Posting with 3rd party client to my own site, without having to h [...]

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Most recent programming activity

2018-01-23  fsteeg pushed to nwbib-163-vdl in hbz/lobid-resources

Support unbounded `issued` queries

2018-01-23  fsteeg pushed to nwbib-163-vdl in hbz/lobid-resources

Use AND as default operator for `word` queries