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Graphviz DOT for Eclipse Zest

Cross-posted to: https://fsteeg.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/graphviz-dot-for-eclipse-zest/

I have completed my Google Summer of Code project at Eclipse, Graphviz DOT as a DSL for Zest. It provides API und UI elements to transform both DOT graphs to Zest visualizations (to be used in Java SWT applications), and Zest visualizations to DOT graphs (to be rendered as image files with Graphviz).

The feature can be installed into Eclipse 3.5 from the update site at http://quui.com/updates.

Documentation is available on the project's Eclipse wiki page. User documentation is also available via the built-in help system. Statistics can be found on the project's Ohloh page. I have attached tonight's CVS repository snapshot (which I will have to submit to Google, i.e. it's the formal end result) to bug 277380.

The Summer of Code at Eclipse was a great experience for me (not least because of having a mentor who was super supportive right from the start) - both regarding technology (Xtext,  Xpand, and Zest FTW!) and community aspects (blogging about the project, learning what Twitter is about, using Bugzilla, etc).

And I have not only created a feature that I am personally very keen to use, the best part is that the end of the Google Summer of Code is really the beginning of this, as it looks like my work will actually make it into Zest, and I hope to build upon this to create some cool stuff in the future.